Join us for “Family Swim” as part of your monthly swim membership! You  can reserve through your Parent Portal Please check your portal for all available time slots. The schedule opens up on the portal every Sunday for the upcoming week. We only have spots available a week at a time. Reservations can not be canceled in the portal. To allow other families a chance to reserve, please call or email us  if you need to cancel your spot.  

  • Family swim times are available on a first come/first served basis. Please be considerate of the schedule & leave the pool on time.
  • Families may sign up for 1 appointment (1 hour) twice per month. We will allow additional appointments if families call on the day of a vacancy.
  • Families may bring guests that are not members, and each guest must sign a waiver. The maximum number per group is 10 in the small pool and 5 per group in the large pool.
  • Parents must be in the water with children under 12.
  • No mermaid tails or floatation devices not Coast Guard approved are allowed.
  • Children who are not potty trained must wear re-usable swim diapers.
  • Please do NOT go into the equipment room to get toys or allow your children to. Only Splash! staff are allowed to enter & remove items. Thank you for your cooperation, we appreciate it! 🙂